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Kaş geneline yayılmış olan apart ve villalarımız rahat ve tüm ihtiyaçlarınıza karşılık verebilecek şekilde dizayn edilmiş aile işletmesine bağlı birimlerdir.

Kuş sesleriyle uyanıp, güneşin, muhteşem Kaş manzarasının ve

tabi ki eşsiz denizin tadını çıkarabilirsiniz.


Kaş'ı Keşfet

Kaş is a charming town with a total population of 60,839 and a coastline of 70 km, with 5 towns and 48 villages in the province of Antalya. The district is adjacent to Eşen Çeyi and Fethiye in the west, Demre in the east, Elmalı District in the north, and Meis Island in the south. It is possible to come across tourists every day of the year in Kaş, which is a small tourism town. According to the information, documents and archaeological findings obtained in Kaş and its region, the name of Kaş, which is thought to be called Habessos or Habesa in the Lycian language, was Antiphellos in ancient times. The fact that Kaş, which was later known as Andifli, is surrounded by mountains, and the deep blue Mediterranean is right in front of it and the island of Meis is right across it, gave it a special beauty. For this reason, it was named Kaş.


Kas is a unique place where you can spend an unforgettable holiday.

Uçak Penceresinden Günbatımı



Özlem & İbrahim Güldüren
M. Arın & Bubu

As a family from Istanbul, we packed up and migrated a long time ago to raise our children in Kaş, which we fell in love with. We set out with Kaktüs Beach Apart to get away from the cinema and social media industry and to do our own job that we always dreamed of... We asked ourselves what we would look for and pay attention to in the place where we would stay, even if it was for a holiday or for work, and we rolled up our sleeves on this... make you feel like you are in your own home.

Kaktus Beach Apart was born as a family business and we will be working to keep it that way. We will be happy to host you, our valued guests, in Kaş, the pearl of the Mediterranean.


Hope to see you at Kas and Kaktus Beach Apart..

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