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Buyukçakıl Beach

Located in a wonderful location on the Mediterranean coast, just opposite Kaş is the Greek island of Meis. With a coastline of approximately 70 kilometers, Kaş offers a wonderful holiday experience with its untouched coves, beaches and sandy beaches. There are many ancient cities in Kas such as Antiphellos Ancient City, Xanthos Ancient City, Phellos Ancient City, Aperlai Ancient City, Isinda Ancient City (Belenli), Simena Ancient Keti and Sunken City. In addition, Kaş is a district that has proven itself in Turkey in terms of extreme nature sports. Therefore, the things to do in Kaş are endless. Afterwards, you can explore Kas and its surroundings by participating in fun tours such as underwater diving tour, trekking tour, paddle sailing tour, canoe tour, bicycle tour or horse safari. In addition, you can witness the history of the city closely by visiting the ancient cities. Towards evening hours, you can wander around Uzun Çarşı and do some shopping. When it gets dark, you can enjoy music, dance and exotic cocktails in Kaş's famous jazz bars.

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